Hold the anchovies...

I ate some pizza before bedtime last night.  Absolutely unnecessary, and I ended up having horrendous nightmares.  Unlike the nightmares from two nights previous, there was no un-dead Dad to deal with.  Yep.

I woke up and one point sweating with my heart pounding.  That happens from time to time.  I suspect anxiety, apnea... I don't know.

Anyway. Last night I had a long dream about helping a family in trouble try to navigate their mobile home to a city that I know how to get to in real life, but couldn't find in the dream.  They got there and opened a restaurant.  Tacos.

Then, I was working in a futuristic dystopian society for an event plannner.  And she had all these dead animals in the back room and I had to, at one point, dissuade a customer from eating off of tray of dead, plucked parakeets that he thought were curried shrimp without making the planner mad.  Or the customer.

The dream shifted, and I was in trouble in this dystopia for being defiant.  They towed my car and I didn't have money to get it back, and then I kept getting "demerits" for things I hadn't done, and it ended with me getting imprisoned on some false trumped up accusation.  And I had to get on treadmills in order to gather info.

I'm exhausted today.  I can't seem to wake up, and it's 3PM.  I'm groggy and foggy.  I have felt vaguely panicky at times, but at the moment I'm just tired.

Please don't eat the parakeets, sir.

I'm contemplating cutting out early, going to the cheapo massage place and getting the budget back crack.

I made some jelly this week.  Hot pepper - it set, and it looks good.  I may go for round two tomorrow.