I am a pretty low maintenance lady.  I don't own a flat iron.  I do own a hairdryer.  It's... somewhere.  Maybe in my closet?

I don't wear heels, I rarely wear pantyhose. 

I have some nice perfume, but I don't wear it often.   I haven't gotten botox, I don't do facials often at all.

I wear a little makeup - most of which comes from Walgreen's - with the exception of lipstick - Clinique really does have the colors and formula that suit me best.  But even that's pretty low end on the spectrum of shit that I could buy to put on my face.  And I usually buy when there's a bonus.  So... yeah.

My skincare regime is a combination of Neutrogena and Neglect.  And it works for me.  Aside from large pores and resting bitch face, my skin is fairly consistent and problem free.

So, yeah - I sit here in a pair of old khakis, and Obama t shirt and Birkenstocks.  Hair unwashed and in a ponytail.  No bra. 

And I am thinking of all the shit I need to do to keep looking this low maintenance.

I really need to get my brows tinted and waxed.  I need to shave my legs and start the lotion hard core for coming drier months.  I really need a pedicure.  I should set up a dentist appointment, and I really ought to whiten my teeth - I look like a nutria.

I could really use a massage - the knot in my shoulder is back.

My bras are all on their last legs - time to do a little bra run.  Little here modifies the run, not the bras, which are massive. 

I should purge my closet and get some things in there for the fall/winter.  And I need to find my closed-toe shoes for that matter.

But since there are still at least two months of sandal weather, I need a pedicure.  Which means picking a color.  Which means remembering the colors I've already done this year.

Good thing I'm low maintenance.