Eh? Aaaaaaaaaah!

Twice in the last week, I've introduced myself and the person on the other end heard me say my name is Ellison.

It's not.

I need to work on this.  I have, in past, been mistaken for Ellen, as well.  My longish As sound like shortish Es. 

For someone who prides herself on a neutral accent, clear pronunciation and eloquent diction... I view this as a chance to work on it.

I have, as it turns out, plenty of time to practice my vowel sounds.  I head back to Georgia today to finish up with a customer.  A pleasant customer, which makes it easier.  The hard part is that I'll be away from my precious pooch, and it's all driving. The customer wants to visit all three of their clinics in the two day span.  Contractually, I have the right to say, fuck that.  Nicely of course.

Realistically, I'll be schlepping to three clinics in two days.

And then home - and I'm not back on the road again til the end of the month.  Which is AWESOME.

So, that's the latest from here.  Piper and I are finishing out the morning on the back deck.  I will leave in about an hour, run to the post office, get some food, get the rental car...

I'm stopping to take Mom to dinner.  Cuban.  And I'll fix her internet, and love on the pugs.  And then I'll go to the hotel.

It's a living.  It's not much of a life.

But Piper will be waiting when I get home!