Pennies from Heaven

Here’s the thing.  California, or at least, the parts of it I’ve seen, are quite beautiful.

Hello, beautiful.

I wouldn’t have intuited that.  I thought it was kind of busy, crazy and weird.

And it is.  But there fauna, and especially the flora – it’s magnificent. I’m leaving in about an hour.

I started planning two fantasy vacations here at the at the airport.  One to Cooperstown, NY.  One to Jamaica.  I have a lot of varying fantasies.  What can I say?

Neither look too promising for this year, unless I somehow fall into a huge pile of money.  And time.

But mostly money.

I would love a vacation.  Or a weekend at a spa.  Or…

Something.  I’m feeling the doldrums in a big way.

I have a layover in Las Vegas.  I have $20 dedicated for slots.  Any money I win goes directly to the Allison Everett self-care fund.

Wish me luck.