It's Weird

I finally went to see Trainwreck last night.

For one, I went because if I didn't go, crazy people who shoot strangers in movie theaters win.

Don't let the crazy people win.

I didn't get shot, QED.

The movie, starring my favorite star, Amy Schumer, was a comedy.  And as such, I wept openly several times.  Don't worry, I cried at Bridesmaids.  And Office Space, once.

That is to say, I LOVED Trainwreck.  It's not the best movie ever, but it is the perfect movie for me, right now.

It dislodged a lot of feelings.  So many feelings.

Her father dies in the movie.  Her eulogy is just so... it's so heartbreakingly, achingly perfect.  Her relationship with her sister feels so real.  Her journey with the doctor gives such hope.

Like I said - lots of feelings.

I needed that.