Hang in there!

Last night, I was fixing dinner and my husband came in said, "Guess what we've got?"

Well, turns out there was a bat in the house.  I put down my knife and went into the front room, hanging on the front door frame was a bat about the size of a golf ball - maybe in between a golf ball and a ping pong ball - but elongated, as they are.

It appeared to be sleeping.  We discussed it for a minute, and I decided I'd get the step ladder, put on a garden glove and re-home it outside.

So, that's what I did.  Matt held Piper on a leash and watched.

It weighed nothing - I scooped it off the door frame and laid it gently it in the ivy in front of the house.

It woke up, looked at me, opened its tiny mouth, showing me tiny little fangs and it hissed.

It was adorable.  I went out a few minutes later and it was gone with the wind.

I looked it up,  and what we had was a silver haired bat:

Not our actual bat.

We still have no idea how it got in, but we both agree that we wouldn't mind having a pet bat.

I also think that I could fashion Piper a pair of bat wings for Halloween:




I've had a wild bat sit on my hand once while I was watching bats fly into a hole in a tree one dawn. But bats can have rabies so if you ever get one in your house again be very careful while handling it.
ae said…
Good call. I thought about rabies after it was all said and done.