Double Cross

So, my company does a lot of philanthropic activities.  It's a good, good thing.  We build a house with Habitat for Humanity each year, we do a huge fundraiser for ALS, we do fun runs and walks through out the year, serve meals at the shelter, and so on and so on.  There's something for everyone.

Once a quarter, we get the Red Cross to bring a bloodmobile to the office and those who choose to, donate.

Na na na na na na na na BLOOD BAGS!

I've only been here twice when the bloodmobile is, so I did my part.  I also go to the donation center in Nashville.  Since I got an IUD and the electric pressure cooker, my iron levels are stellar.  STELLAR.  Go greens!  Go no menstrual cycle!

So I donate, much as I have since I was 17.

But every time a bloodmobile e mail goes out, I get to hear one of my colleagues complain bitterly, loudly, frequently, petulantly. 

He hates the Red Cross, because they won't let him donate.  Why?  Because he's a sexually active gay male.

Now, do I think that's 100% fair?  No.  But I don't think everything they do is totally fair and PC.  But it's a high risk group, so they cut them out of the equation. 

I don't like it, but I don't have to like it. I know people who were excluded for a ton of reasons - that's just one of many.

So, I get it - he feels hurt and left out.  I get it.

But the Red Cross does SO MANY good things.

In addition to gathering and maintaining a safe blood supply, they teach CPR, and Life Guarding, and Babysitting classes.  They offer disaster relief.

So, I feel bad that my colleague feels disenfranchised.  But not so bad that I'll quit giving.

I really want to ask him if he would ever take a blood donation if he needed one during surgery or after an accident.  I bet he would.

Maybe I'm insensitive.  Maybe he's too sensitive?

I don't know - this has just been bothering me.