Asking for a Friend

Some of you hate crowdfunding, some of you love it...

There was that dude who raised $55,000 to make potato salad.  Which seemed kind of lame, although, he did end up making not only potato salad, but a sizable donation to a Fight Hunger org.

I personally gave a little money to the Levar Burton/Reading Rainbow campaign (along with lots of other people) and became immediately inundated with email.  I unsubscribed, and haven't really thought about it since.

Until now.

I have a friend, and my friend has a dream.  A dream of barbecue. In Maine.

This is Andrew: 

He calls this "Grillers in the Mist", which I find rather amusing.

He lives in Skowhegan, Maine.  We met through work, and when I went to Skowhegan, he cooked hamburgers for me.  On a Big Green Egg.  I made potato salad, sans Kickstarter.  See what we did there, a little symmetry? 

Anyway, Andrew is a great cook, and he wants to outfit a mobile kitchen.  But like most of us, his independent wealth covers more basic needs like food, shelter, clothing.

So, if you want to support my friend in his quest to bring barbecue to Maine, you can support his Kickstarter campaign - here.

And if you don't, then OK.   I'll post again without solicitation soon.