This, that and the other...

I saw another red-winged blackbird yesterday, in Washington state.  They're finding me, I think.

Tomorrow is the hard day at my training site.  They have been terrific, I cannot say enough how nice they are.

One of my favorite customers today messaged to tell me they didn't renew.  I know it's nothing I did, or didn't do - but it still feels personal.  He did tell me that they're going to hire a trainer.  Truth be told, if I lived in that state, I'd apply.  It would be traveling all over that state to different sites, and I'd be great.  I think he told me that because he wanted me to consider it.  He's tried to get me to come work there before.

But I don't live there, and that's pretty much the end of that.

So, I think tonight I'll relax, watch some crap tv and prepare for tomorrow.

Because, that...I can do.