Shimmy, Shimmy Ko Ko Bop

Everything's coming up Milhouse!

I've grilled out three nights in a row - now, sure - it's been a lot of red meat, but still - home cooking.

I also got to try the amazing breakfast at Edley's BBQ.  Any menu item called The Big Nasty has to be good - and this was - a chicken biscuit with sausage gravy.

I had a nap this afternoon.  An hour - and I slept hard, woke up drooling.

There are berries chilling in the fridge waiting to be paired with Angel Food Cake and Cool Whip.   Judge not.  I love the Whip.

The precious pup is resting on the couch after a day with lots of activity - so she's going to sleep well tonight.

Look, Ma!  No cavities.

I've been researching how to keep my Tempurpedic mattress cooler at night, and apparently, I'm not the only person who overheats at night.  So that's comforting.  And, there are solutions.

If I haven't mentioned it recently, I'm so in love with Amy Schumer.  She's just funny, smart and crude.  The total package.  She's also adorable:

That's kind of it from here.  I am watching a little hockey, about to eat some dessert...

Weekends are good.  Especially the ones that start out a no-travel week.