Dream On

So, in the early morning hours today, I had a dream that I was at an after party for an improv show.  And Seth Rogen came up to me. 

And he said, "Girl, that body... it just says... LEAVING."  And then he went on to specifically criticize what was wrong with me.

I got fat shamed.  By SETH ROGEN.  In a dream that I CRAFTED.  I was the head writer, and the star, and Seth Rogen was still a dick to me.

I had some other weird dreams - one where my father was coming down some stairs, another where Piper peed all over the floor of my parents' bedroom.

Safe to say, I'm under some stress, dammit.

We have this little fledgling cardinal in the back yard.

I am so attached it's disturbing... but look at this little peeper:

It's a cardinal fledgling, and I'm IN LOVE.

The birds are trying to tell me something.

What, I know not.

And with that - have a good evening. Sweeter dreams.