Pour les oiseaux

So, as I've mentioned before, birds are sort of my lucky charm, harbingers of good, messengers of hope...

This dates back to when I was 18.  I saw a bluebird the morning of a big test and my senior prom.  Both went well.  And I didn't see bluebirds all that often, so in my malleable mind, I put two and two together.

Since that time, seeing bluebirds for me is a sign that something good is coming.  Whether that's fair or true or grounded in reality matters not.  Bluebirds of happiness are my thing.

Shortly after a tornado took the porch off the front of our mountain house, I was driving down to check it out, and I saw a red-winged blackbird, that made me think... everything is going to be OK.  I saw another one in Pennsylvania last year after Dad died, when I was in a bad place - and I remember thinking, OK, it's OK.  Remember that - we'll get back to it.

If you're a long term reader of my blog, you know my story about cedar waxwings and using birds in a superstitious pre-work ritual.  And if you're not a long time reader, I've helpfully linked them for you.

So, anyway...

I've had kind of a shit week in Bumscratch, OH.  Just a ton of hassle, and not a lot of juice for the squeeze.  Haven't slept all that well, and I'm just... off.  At some point, maybe I'll explain.

And today, I was driving from Bumscratch to Columbus.  Because although I wasn't going to get the last flight out, it makes more sense to me to wake up at 6AM and basically be at the airport for my 7AM flight, rather than stick around Bumscratch and get up at 4AM to make the drive to Columbus.  I'm smart like that.

 Anyway.  There is no really great way to get here from there - it's way, way off any path - beaten or unbeaten.  So I'm driving down this farm road and I start seeing all these red-winged blackbirds.  Now, it's a sign, sure.  But it's also simple biology - marshy area, lots of reedy plants - they were made for that environment!

Pssst - it's OK, it's going to be OK

But hey - I'll take it.

And then it gets weirder...

I park at my hotel, and I'm sitting there for a minute just kind of screwing around on my phone and I see something out of the corner of my eye land on the windshield.

One of these guys.

It's a mourning dove.  So think about that.  Dove for peace, mourning for... whatever.

There was a message that someone, something, somewhere needed me to know.  Not a clear message, but a message.  And I'll take what I can get.

Tomorrow, I get home.  And I'll be there for a few days, then back on the road again.

Next stop, Middleofnowhere, Washington.

And new birds.