About three years ago, I first heard the expression "butt hurt" - used to indicate hurt feelings, possibly to an unreasonable amount, or in a petulant way.

I'm feeling a little butt hurt at the moment.

I'm frustrated because I spent much of my week listening to customers.  And much of what they said wasn't good, and it made me question what I've spent the last eight years working on.  They're frustrated and disenfranchised and unhappy.  And you know what?  ME TOO!  But I can't tell them that (they know, but I can't tell them).  I took one of my favorite colleagues to dinner last night and we had a long talk about everything, and I felt a little better.

This morning, I came down to pack up my space and head home, and I found this:

The small card is actually a magnet - it's from our competitor, and someone decided to leave it next to my name take on my table.  I would have called it random, except that their table, across from mine had a bunch of them laid out in a row, with one missing.

Someone was sending me a message.  The universe?  A disgruntled customer?  My competitor?  Are they talking about the training I give?  The training that my company manufactures?  Both?

Maybe they thought it was funny.  Maybe they thought, given my love of the profane, and my love of training, I would enjoy displaying it somewhere.

No matter... I'm butt hurt.


I packed up my name tag, my new magnet, and I'm taking my hurt butt home.



mittens said…
thats a hard pill to swallow, and maybe it's time to ask someone what's wrong with what you're doing. Not YOU, but whatever you sell, demonstrate, or are responsible for. Customers are often spot on, but no one asks them and rarely do they want to confront the seller. But if it were me Id set up some kind of network with customers and find out why what you're selling, isnt.