So, I went to a wedding and a party this weekend.  I did a lot more than that, including drive 734 miles  - give or take a few.

I had a good time at the various shindigs, and I'm glad to be done with the bulk of driving that I'll have to do for the week.  I have a work trip tomorrow, and I'm flying.  Because there is no way in hell I'll drive from Nashville to Ohio.  Unless we're talking Cincinnati, and I'm not.

I'm tired.  We left Atlanta early today, and I came home and napped for four hours.  It make have been the best part of my weekend.

Matt's processing all the pictures and I'm quickly realizing that I don't like the way I look.  I'm not hideous, just heavy.  I've definitely been eating my feelings.  With butter.  And salt.

So, I either need to make peace with this look, and the fact that my joints hurt at the young age of 40... or I can do something.

Sigh.  I guess I need to do something.

Something other than a four hour nap.

Although, the nap was clutch and I stand by it.

This was the cake, by the way:

Strawberry, with buttercream icing.  Freak yeah!



The people who love you (including me) want you to be healthy and happy. And the only "right" way to be healthy and happy is the way that does it for you. Also, that cake is freaking gorgeous.
MsBlakely7 said…
Healthy is always good and of course, feeling good, is good. But I just have to say, I think that picture of you is gorgeous! Seriously, I love it! (And the cake looks to die for!)