This is only a test...

So, we're going to have to board the dog for a few days while we're at a wedding next month.

I called our vet to see if they had a spot for our baby.  They want her to come for a trial day to make sure she's not going to be a problem child.

So on Friday, I'm taking her for a trial day.

It's kind of daunting, because, what if she's terrible?  What if they don't let her come back?

Well, I guess it's better to know now.  We'll continue to take her to the obscenely expensive kennel south of town.  Well, west of town... actually.

But I feel like it's a referendum on my skills as a parent.  Ok, owner, but I don't have kids, so let me just have this, OK?  Thanks.

Anyway-  we'll see how she does.  I can't help it that she has canine Tourette's.

Meanwhile, I'm getting ready to head to Florida.  I need to do a million things before I leave, and I haven't come close to starting.

Also, I'm so freaking MAD.

There was this blouse on Land's End's website, and it looked perfect.  It was on backorder, so I just passed on ordering it and was going to do it on payday.

And now... it's GONE.  They debuted it earlier this month.



Meanwhile, I have two fugly dresses in my car that are being mailed back (one Land's End, one not) - the price of them would have covered the cost of the blouse in two of three colors.


And I need to get those fug dresses in the mail to free up the income required to buy something that isn't fug.

It's not easy being me.



MsBlakely7 said…
You make me smile! :) PS...The only dresses/skirts I have worn in the last 10 years have been for my wedding and my sister-in-law's.