I find that people who shop at Trader Joe's fall into two categories:  1. Couldn't be nicer.  2. Completely in my fucking way.

There are more of the latter, but I shared a nice moment from a woman in the entrance of the store as we were both trying to untangle carts.  We ended up in the ice cream section together and she clued me in on some ice cream sandwiches I was contemplating - they were good - not as good as the S'more Ice Cream sandwiches I had hoped would be in stock (but weren't).

Beggars cannot be choosers.

The cashier was also super nice.  The rest of the store was mostly a cluster.

Quiet weekend, all in all.  A little Home Depot with some fence fixing as a result.  I tried to give Piper some immersion therapy having her watch the marathon runners as they clomped down 12th Avenue. It went OK.  We watched the Preds lose to the Blackhawks, so they're out of the playoffs.

Today, I dyed a shirt, and it didn't get as dark as I want it.  I may need to give it one more shot.  Or I could give up and move on.

This time next week, I'll be flying to Tampa.  Big CAT Conference.  I need for it to go well.

Again, it would be great if I were 80 pounds lighter, but we'll do what we do, yes?

I guess I could start by not buying the ice cream sandwiches at Trader Joe's.

That's the latest.