Parts Inventory

Now, were I a better mother/photographer, this post would contain lots of high quality pictures.

But it's hard to photograph a mostly black dog with your smart phone.

So be it.

Today, we're going to talk about Piper.

Specifically, all the tiny little things about her that make me happy.

We'll start with her nose.

I took her to to the vet two days after we got her, and Dr. Williams asked me if I'd noticed her scar:

Her left nostril appears to have been tampered with.  I said to Dr. Williams, "I wonder how that happened?"  Her reply was that Piper might have started something that someone else finished.  Which I think is likely and hilarious.  She's fine, and it's something you wouldn't notice unless you were paying attention (and I wasn't). 

She has a lot of what they call "furnishings" - eyebrows, whiskers.

Here you can see her white beard and a little eyebrow.  And my puffy eyes.

Piper has 15 white toes and one black one.  Her paw pads are matchy-matchy, too:

She has a permanent mohawk.  This is not because she's cold or mad. This is how her hair looks.

And finally, she has a strong, long, glossy tail:

The end.



She is beautiful, and so is her mom. :)