An ice cube walks into a kitchen...

So remember when I said I needed to work on my funny?  This post ain't it.

We have had quite the week here in Nashville.  Record cold temps, everything covered in ice... it's been a bitch kitten.

Today, we finally got above freezing.  And with that, we got a day-long steady rain.  What does that mean?  Why of course, that our cellar took on some water.  It happens.  In our cellar, it happens about once a year.  It's a concrete slab floor, there's a poorly working drain in one corner, and we have not one, but two shop vacs.  One that we keep for "nice" and one that we use specfically to suck water out of the cellar.

So, today, we got up at 7:30.  Had some breakfast, played with the dog.  Matt went out to de-ice the front stairs.  I did some laundry and washed the dog. 

Then we watched the hockey game - Preds lost in a shootout.  I actually slept through much of the game, and after it was over, Matt went to take a nap.  I started to think about cooking supper, and realized I wanted, nay, needed a poblano pepper to complete the meal.  So, I took a look, the streets looked fine, the stairs looked fine.  I got Piper and we headed out.  The stairs were fine.  The street was fine.  The sidewalk was solid ice, on a gentle downward slope with torrents of water running down it.

Naturally, I ended up planting one foot in the curb, submerging said foot in an ice cold rain river, and took a knee to stop moving down the walk.  Which worked.

I got my poblano, though.  And a can of tomatoes, and a bag of mixed greens, and a Coke Zero.

We got back to the house, and this time, Piper pulled me completely down onto the sidewalk, but of course, the street and stairs - problem free.

I started cooking and Matt woke up and notice that the house was cold.  And that the thermostat was off.  Which, I in my wet clothes and cooking frenzy had not noticed.

So, Matt isolated the problem.  The basement, which looked ok all morning and most of the afternoon had gotten so flooded that it tripped the emergency switch on the furnace so that we didn't all electrocute.  So, at least there's that.

So now, Matt's down there doing... something.  I'm not hearing the wet vac, and I'm hearing some sloshing, but I'm a little afraid to ask.  So.

The upside is, when Matt comes in, I'm going to have an incredible supper to offer him.  Greens with tomatoes. Pinto beans with ham, onion, and poblano.  Smoked turkey sausage hot off the grill. Cornbread.

This weather makes me want to feast, and I want comfort food and plenty of it.

But if February, and this cold, and this wet don't end soon, I'm going to fucking lose my shit.

And no amount of poblano can help that.