Rising from the Ashes

Here's the scoop.  I had a fun weekend.  I slept.  A lot.  I played a lot of Little Big Planet 3, and I suck at it.  I went to a party, I slept some more, did a little laundry, ran a few errands, and now we're watching hockey, and I am dreading the hell out of the coming week.

They are sending me to Phenix City, Alabama to do some training for a customer.  It's fine - I'll get a head start on making Diamond Tier with Hilton.  It's good to have some goals.

The bad news is that, as you might imagine, there's not a great way to get to Phenix City from here.  I mean, a flight to Columbus, GA is $1048.  And a flight to Atlanta requires me to go either through Charlotte or Denver, and costs $331.  And even then, it's another 1.5 hour drive to Phenix City.

So, I'll drive.  5 hours and 20 minutes.  Unless I go the other way, and it's 5 hours and 30 minutes.  I mean the question is, do I prefer to go I-65 or I-24.  I mean choices, people.

Anyway.  It's a living.

And I'll do something fun or interesting there to make it a real trip.

Like, I don't know... maybe get a massage, or just sit in my Hampton and read.

What I won't do is overeat.  Tomorrow I start working on my weight. I picked up healthy choices for breakfast, and I feel like that's the best start I can make.

I also got a few low-cal packs of Jell-O, and fresh veggies.

Maybe not together...

We'll get there.

Slowly, but surely.