My favorite flavor, cherry red.

So, a friend of mine took to posting these amazing messages from "The Universe" on her Facebook.  I mean, they were just light and encouraging, and I really enjoyed them.

I mentioned how much I liked them to her, and she said she was receiving them through a service she subscribes to - called Notes from the Universe.  So I looked it up and now I receive them too.

Sometimes they're just OK.  But sometimes, I think, holy shit!  How did the universe know?!?

Today was the latter:

Confusion, indecision, and uncertainty, Allison, often mean that if you wait a little longer before deciding, an even better option will emerge, with such clarity it may bite you on the nose and sweep you off your feet. 

The nice kind of bite. 

I'd say wait a little longer, 
    The Universe

Of course, Allison, even as you wait, you'll keep moving, grooving, and living your amazing life.

So that was kind of amazing.  

Lucky, lucky me.