Work is interesting, at the moment.  We had a major change in management earlier this month, and it appears to be a good thing.  I'm meeting with the new head of our company next week.  In fact, almost a week from this very moment.

So I need to get ready for that.

The real issue at the moment is that all the incoming contracts are at a bottleneck.  Meaning, I'm here twiddling thumbs and waiting.

I'm ready to get back on the road, but at the moment, I have nothing doing until the week of February 2nd.  I've attempted to get some things handled away from the office, but I'm at a loss.

Part of me thinks, you know - I could take a little PTO and get a dog, and get said canine acclimated to the rigors of belonging to a working woman.

So.  I won't, but I've been thinking it.

Meanwhile, I'm just getting through the days and I know that when the bottleneck breaks free, I'll have plenty to keep me busy.

But... idle hands... idle mind.