What, what?

So, I wrote a letter to Slate.com- they were soliciting suggestions for what to read/watch/listen to after the end of the Serial Podcast ends.

I had forgotten about it until this morning, when I found...


I'll spare you reading the whole thing, and cut to the paragraph where I'm quoted.

Homicide: Life on the Streets

We mentioned The Wire on the Spoiler Special, but a listener named Allison suggested an earlier TV series loosely based on David Simon’s first book, Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets. “It’s not hard to imagine this exact crime,” Allison writes, “as a basis for one of the episodes.” She continues: “The Baltimore and criminal procedure elements are obviously similar, but what strikes me even more is how the same story looked at from different angles yields different perceptions. Within the confines of a single episode, you decide that Lt. Frank Pembleton is a jerk, a saint, inflexible, malleable, clever, dogmatic. Nobody is spared this treatment—everyone is under scrutiny.  And while there are a few tired stereotypes, the truth is always complicated and messy. Sound familiar?”

Holy shit, people.  Why, again, am I not getting paid to write?

I mean, they quoted a huge chunk of Allisonality.

In 2015, look for me.  I want to make some money for this.



Unknown said…
Yup - you need to be getting paid for your witty awesomeoness.