O Yeah!

I think I've probably made it clear in past posts - I'm a loyal, liberal democrat.

And although I don't think President Obama has been perfect, I think he's been pretty damn good.  And he had a lot of shit to clean up.

Well, he was here in Nashville today, which is super exciting - he went to a Hispanic neighborhood to talk about immigration.  And then he headed to the airport.

But on the way, he made a stop for dinner.

At my FAVORITE place to get Mexican.  And honestly, one of the best places in all of Nashville.

La Hacienda.

For reals - I have been eating there since Matt and I started dating.  We'd go there before I left on Sunday afternoon.

We love it there.

And apparently, so does Barry O.

He helped clean up a soft drink that got spilled:

He ordered 5 steak tacos, 5 flautas and some chips and guac.  He paid cash, hugged the owner, talked with the kitchen staff and talked to patrons...

So, say what you will - the man knows good Mexican when he sees it, and he's a hugger.

And I like that.