North Pole Vaulting

Dear Santa,

I suppose it's up to you to determine which list I end on this year, and I suppose you could make an argument for either.

Personally, I think I've been more nice than anything.  But you know, again, up to you.

Assuming I have been nice, I'd like to ask for a few things for Christmas.

1.  Botox.  I'd love to make the "eleven lines" disappear.  I also wouldn't mind some mole removal.   Basically, a little refresh of the old face.

2. A beach vacation.  Yes.  That would work wonders for my disposition.

3. A hair sherpa.  I need someone to guide me through this awkward time and convince me not to cut it all off, which I would regret immediately.  Let my sherpa bring a gift basket of great hair products too.

4. Boot camp.  What I need is someone to beat my ass in a big way.

5. A personal grocery shopper.  Have them leave some recipes, too.

6. A puppy.  Yeah, I know - I'm traveling too much, but look at Little Bill.  Literally, that's his name:

He's 8.  There's tons of babies out there who need a little love.

I need a dog in my life.

I think really, if we looked at this, we could say I either need a lot more money, to have these things taken care of  - OR - I need a LOT more time to do things myself.  Other than the mole removal/botox.

Some things don't lend themselves to DIY.

Santa, I'm flexible, but seriously, I think it's been tough year - a nice Christmas would set the tone for a very happy new year!

Best regards,

PS - I am fully prepared to leave cookies.  LMK.