So, I'm in Raleigh, which is a lovely town.  I am not feeling great.  Kind of belchy, cranky... the usual.

I'm here for a customer I genuinely love, but I'm worn out.  I don't have any spark left.

I keep coming back to this, possibly the most hilarious/sad/true/clever ads on TV:

As you know, Weight Watchers and I go way, way back.  To when I was ten or eleven, and I attempted it for a few days, under the supervision of my parents - back in the days of exchanges.  I remember going to a pizza party and we tried to figure out how many starch and fat and dairy exchanges would be in a slice of pizza.  Who knows?  Eventually, I hit a growth spurt and evened out.

Well I took issue with the ad above, even though it's dead on and hilarious, because in the past, I felt that Weight Watchers did a bad job with the emotional stuff behind overeating.

But guess what - they now offer 1:1 Counseling - via phone/e mail.  It costs.  Oh, does it cost.  But.

I might try it anyway.

Because if it means not eating six Oreos when I'm sitting in a Hampton in Raleigh feeling melancholy, it might be worth it.

Let's face it, I can't count on another growth spurt.