Different is good.

So, this year, for Christmas Eve, we're doing something a little different...

I learned that a Cuban place that Mom loves is open on Christmas Eve.  So we're having a late lunch, and in the evening, we'll have some snacky things on hand, maybe some champagne.

It sounded good to me.  So I talked to Mom and Matt, and they're on board.

I made reservations.

I kind of think once I get through my last trip of the year - to a customer I absolutely adore, incidentally, in a city I like - then I'll be ready to think about Christmas.

I'm... guardedly optimistic. 

Of course, after the quick respite that is the holiday season, I go back to work, and I have basically a month to learn a new product.

So.  Hopefully from the 19th on, it's a lazy time.   I just booked us a room downtown for New Year's Eve.  Hilton Points!!!  Yeah, we're a quick drive to downtown, but now we don't have to drive, and we can chill out in the room and head out when we want to.  It made sense.

And I can always cancel.

But maybe I won't.

Different.  Is.  Good.



For what it's worth, I think it sounds fabulous. This Christmas is going to be different for your family, no matter what. I say embrace it.