I somehow messed up my neck and shoulder - the same one that has a perpetual knot.  If I were a fabulously rich woman, I'd go get it unknotted at the massage therapist tomorrow.

That's right, people - I have tomorrow off!  Now, in that time, I have to get some things done - like, put away the mountain of laundry currently residing on our dining room table.

And I have a few presents to wrap.  And some to buy.

And I was thinking, maybe a manicure with one of my birthday giftcards.

Why not?

We spent the weekend down with Matt's family.  Always, always a pleasure.  His Aunt and Uncle need to write a book. They have so many interesting stories.

One quick, cute little anecdote - she once lured him to the movies with a promise of seeing a Clint Eastwood film.

Of course, the movie was Bridges of Madison County, so he felt a little gypped.  It makes me laugh.

Meanwhile, I'm two nights short of Diamond Membership at Hilton.  Damn! It doesn't really matter, except that it sucks a little.

We ended up getting a room downtown for New Years Eve with some hotel points.  I'm pretty stoked about it.

I'm trying to encourage my other Nashvillagers to meet us down there - I was at a cocktail party Friday night, talking it up.

It feels weird to say "at a cocktail party".  Sure, I'm 40.  But I feel like I'm perpetually 17.

But that's it for now, I suppose.

To all, a good night.