Gut Ache

I got back to Nashville today.  And I'm glad to be home. 

Spending time with Mom was good, as always.  We went to the mall yesterday - to return a sweater she bought me because she thought it was a dress, and sadly, it was a tunic that showed every flaw on my body.  And there were many, many flaws to show.

Maybe with Spanx?  No?

It's hard enough to shop at my size when I'm alone and can wallow in my own corpulence (and crapulence?) in the privacy of the dressing room.  Bringing my petite, lovely, fashionable mother in there with me makes it oh, so much harder. 

We returned the sweater, and I ended up buying for myself a different, longer, kinder tunic, a pretty blouse for the holidays, etc. and a black t-shirt, because you always need one.

And then, I just felt gross and disgusting and huge for the rest of the day.  Mostly because I'm gross and huge and digusting. 

I need to get it together.

Friday, I learned that one of the Project Managers committed me to being in OKC on Wednesday morning, even though I specifically had that I was NOT to travel on Monday or Tuesday on ALL my calendars.  Because I'm going to Book of Mormon at 7:30 Tuesday night.  So, I found out on Friday, I'm going to travel Wednesday.  Because my PM effed up. 

And that's not cool.   So, so not cool.

But, I'll get my bags packed, and I'll go and it'll be fine.

And then, I have a good few weeks before I have to go do anything.  But my first trip in December should be pretty challenging.  It's my first time repping a new product, and frankly, I just kind of want to throw up.

Which would help the whole fat thing - just get good and bulimic for a few years.

Kidding, kidding - I should know better than to make eating disorder jokes.

But seriously, I have to get it together.