Give in.

I'm taking today and tomorrow off.  I finally just gave into the fact that I'm sick, dammit.  I have done very little.  After the party, I have been cleaning up slowly, picking my way through the leftovers.

We got some Indian yesterday to attempt to open my sinuses with spice and lots of refills of ice water.

I picked up a new set of sheets for the bed, because Matt gave me a pretty duvet cover for my birthday.

Today, I went for a mammogram.  It hurt about as much you would imagine.  At least the machine wasn't cold. 

Then I came home, and I've been here napping and watching crappy TV ever since.

Well, not entirely true.  I went to Edley's and got us some lunch.

And that's pretty much all I've been doing all day.

Tomorrow, we're going to get Matt new tires, and I may pick up some brown shoes to get me through the rest of the winter.  The ones I have are eight years old and have a crack in the sole of the left foot.  They were Born, and not cheap, but let's say I've worn them hundreds of times - and I have - well then I've gotten my money's worth.

If you get right down to it there's a parallel between tires and shoes.

We already voted.  There's a big one up for a vote here in Tennessee; Amendment 1.  It basically says that Tennessee does not protect a woman's right to take care of her own body.  That's my take anyway.  There are a ton, ton, ton of religious leaders, legal experts, and doctors urging people to vote NO.  Which I obviously did.  I may be 40, and on birth control, and well past my years of reproduction, but my body isn't up for legislative control.

Come on, you knew I was a libby liberal.

And thankfully, I've never had to make that decision, and it's likely I never will.  But it's my decision.

That said, I'm going to be focused on the elections both here and in Georgia, where Jimmy's grandson, Jason is up for Governor.  And Sam Nunn's  daughter, Michelle is running for Senate.

PLUS!  There's a vote here in Tennessee to get wine in grocery stores.

It's a good time to be alive, my friends.