Forgotten Words

The other day, in an attempt to be funny/helpful, I responded to a friend's post on Facebook with some pithy words from our Middle School's anthem, Crabapple Day.

I went to Crabapple Middle School (or as my family was apt to call it, "Crappyapple").  We were the Crabapple Generals - and our mascot was a Yosemite Sam looking guy with a confederate garb and a sword.

What in tarnation were they cogitatin'?


So, they changed the mascot at some point - now they're the Crabapple Huskies.

The Husky knows everything.  Even that time you farted in gym class.

Likely because of all the snow and dog racing in the suburbs of Atlanta.  

Anyway, good luck finding the lyrics to Crabapple Day online - they aren't there.  It may be that it was too touchy-feely and they dumped it.  Which is a shame, because although I can't remember all the words, it was a sweet little song, and for three years I sang it in every chorus concert and assembly - complete with sign language!

Here's what I can tell you - it was written by 7th Grade Social Studies Teacher - Tim O'Shea.  Nice, wholesome guy who seemed to genuinely love teaching and 7th graders.  Who knows why?

I can only remember the last verse and chorus, so I'll share them:


The end of another/
Crabapple Day/
But my thoughts still linger/
As we drive away

It's hard times, it's good times/
That help us along/
It takes both rain and sun/
To make a tree grow strong


Yes, we started out small, this is true/
Now our branches are spread against the sky so blue/
There's nothing, nothing we can't do

The words I quoted to my friend were, "It takes both rain and sun to make a tree grow strong."

And then, for the first time ever, I actually stopped to think about that and what it meant.

Too much sun, a tree becomes brittle.  Too much rain, it becomes soft and mushy.

You need both in order to have balance - a tree that is strong, but supple.

One that can bend to the forces of nature and not break or uproot.

The tree is a metaphor people. 

But there's nothing.... nothing I can't do.