So, I had a long flight yesterday, and to prepare for that, I went on Amazon.com and put a ton of free books on my Kindle.

The free stuff on Amazon is hilarious.  In addition to the classics you can get for free, there's a lot of romance novel grade material on there.  Some of it is old Harlequin material, but a lot of it is self-published.

Yesterday, I loaded a series about a BBW Werewolf and her quest to find and mate an alpha male, as she was the pack's alpha female.  It was hilarious, weird and a little hot. 

All three gorgeous men wanted her, and thought her weight was sexy.  And they were all also werewolves who lived in a mansion together. Obviously.

It was such a specific subgenre.  Big girls, handsome dominant wolf-men, high end living arrangements.

The main characters's names were Aspen, Rafe, Hawthorne and Lindon.  The villain's name was Fang.  Really?  Too easy.

Apparently, wolves mate for life... and there were lots of discussions of pheromones, scents and low growls.

I was hooked.

I read another one about a man who appraises vintage toys and games for a living, trying to woo a woman who is too busy for love.  It ended well.

I know I could do better than this.

Maybe I should try.

Or, maybe I should let my slug of NyQuil quiet my sinus drainage, the sore throat and the breathing issues resulting thereof, and go to bed.


Allison "BBW, but the W doesn't stand for Werewolf" Everett