Ceci quarante!

I turned 40 today.

I was feted with waffles.  Waffles!!! My colleagues brought in frozen waffles and toppings and we ate a nice breakfast together.  I also had a nice birthday card from them, featuring Justin Bieber.

Then lunch with Jim, who gave me some candy from a shop from his hometown - plus a beer mug with a Preds logo.

Then a long, long drive to Arkansas.  We had intended to stop in Memphis for ribs.  We didn't get ribs - Rendezvous is closed on Mondays.

Instead, we met one of our customers for sushi and football talk.

Now I'm in my room, coughing and blowing my nose.  I'm tired.

I was busy, I celebrated...

And now, I am sleepy.

I'll medicate and call it at a night.

This is 40.