Bleibet ihr und trinken

This weekend was Oktoberfest in Nashville.  I missed it last year because I was down in Atlanta, tending to Dad after his stroke.  And Mom, for that matter.

This year, I didn't know if I'd be able to go - because Work Day in the mountains would have kept me out of Nashville, even if the stroke hadn't.

But yesterday, at 1:30, Matt and I made the scene.  And it was a damn good scene.

And since my liver is in decent shape, I decided to partake of a half liter of Nashville's finest brew - Yazoo Brewery's Gerst.  It was SO GOOD.

I got a nice buzz going.

Even after the beer buzz, I had a buzz from being around lots of people I love:

I'm also wearing my father's hat.  It was purchased long enough ago that the label reads, "Made in W. Germany".

I am happy.  I think Dad would have been happy for me.