Atone deaf

Yesterday at sundown, Yom Kippur ended.  The Jewish day of atonement.  A day of prayers and fasting.

I spent my day clearing brush up at the cabin, then came down and ate a Jimmy's Special at Rhea's - the best fucking burger ever.

Above is a Jimmy's Special.  This one has bacon.  Mine didn't.  I did go for double meat.  It was amazing.

Note the use of both meat and cheese.  This is NOT kosher.  Even sans bacon.  And I ate it before sundown.  I ate lunch and breakfast before.  I did not fast.

I did not atone.

I think, to quote a song I kind like, "Under the circumstances, I've been shockingly nice" .

I'm sure I have plenty to atone for.  Being unkind, impatient, impulsive, greedy, angry, gluttinous.

But I'll do better next year.

I promise.



JLewSweatneck said…
Are you part Jewish? You are good friends / related to a Lewish, so I embrace (and join) (oh yea, and forgive) you for all your sins. You are my had me 21+ years ago at hello...