Wow, that's annoying!

I'm at an irritating stage in the grief obstacle course where everything reminds me of my Dad.

I cannot go a day without somehow interjecting to people who ALREADY KNOW THIS, "I  have a father.  He died.  I have a dead father.

Alive Dad, Mom and Me - July 2013

Maybe not in so many words, but that's definitely the message I'm conveying.

I went to dinner with my friend, Jim tonight and I think I brought Dad up, in stories or whatnot at least a half dozen times.  Thankfully, Jim is patient, kind and a good friend.

And have I mentioned my dead dog Lola recently?  No?  Oh, well I miss her.  And I'd like another dog, but I'm traveling too much.

Night of the Living Lola - July 2012

Have I mentioned I travel all the time?  And that my father died and that I miss my dog, Lola?

I feel like a broken record.

And not an interesting one.

I said over and over and over again, this dance is going to be a drag.