Tears of joy.

I occasionally just get tickled by things people do.

To wit:

There's this fraternity at Transylvania University in Kentucky that did a video/lip dub to Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" - a song which I am ashamed to admit I kind of love.  It's a very guilty pleasure.

So this group of nice looking Fraternity Boys are playing and dancing to this fun little boppy song, and my heart just swells with love.  These kids clearly don't take themselves too seriously, and guess what?  Ms. Swift was so impressed, she invited the whole damn chapter (and their dates) to one of her concerts coming up.

Then, if that wasn't enough...

The Pope.  Francis.  Il Papa.

He blessed a parrot.  And not just any parrot.  A parrot named Amore.  Who belongs to a male stripper.

That's Amore!

All I'm saying is, there's War, Famine, Poverty and Cruelty the world over.

But there are Popes and Parrots and Dancing Delta Sigs, and Strippers the world over, too.

I know which ones I pick.