Tarot, Row, Row Your Boat

So, what you may not know about me, is that from time to time, I've consulted "spiritualists" to assist in my life journey.

We're talking psychics, palmists, tarot readers, clairvoyants and clairsentients.

There's even a website where occasionally, I get a "reading" on a question.

It selects a tarot card at random and explains it to you in relation to the question you're focusing on.

Is it voodoo?  Bunk?  Nonsense?


But I was thinking about work, and management changes, and so on this morning.

And this is the card I got.

And here's the description that came with it:

The card represents the critical factor for the issue at hand.  

Seven of Pentacles (Assessment): A pause to check on the progress of your labors. Making difficult financial decisions. Exercising patience and perseverance. Evaluating the status of your work and your options for the future.

So, that's kind of on the nose.

I need a leaning stick for support while I examine my pentacles.