Sugar and Spice and All Things Considered...

I made the damn jelly today.  I used our new Cuisinart food processor, and as a result, may have gotten the peppers too squishy and the damn stuff won't set.

We'll see.

Sugar, Peppers,Vinegar, Pectin

All that getting in a better mood?  Not happening.  I could use some ice cream - that might help.

Except that it's a temporary fix and I need something a little more permanent.

Like an ice cream patch.  Do they make those?  They should.

I Googled it.  They make the kind you can sew on backpacks.

Not the kind that infuses your central nervous system with sugar and butterfat.

Because clearly I need more fat.

And sugar.

Not just the sugar that's stuck to my skin from an afternoon of jellymaking.

Or, liquid peppergoo making.  Whatever.

Onward and upward!