Oooweeee, I am one cranky little cuss this afternoon.

To start, I have a customer who is being a complete PITA.  I did the guy a favor by fixing something minor, but requiring a lot of tedious repetitive data entry.  I let him know I was done, and he complained about the way I'd done it.  NO. MAS.

I also have one of those big, lurking, hard zits that's threatening to erupt on my right cheekbone.  Obviously, it's the kind that just hangs out there, hurting and feeling ginormous before eventually it just gets fed up and leaves.  Unless I molest it enough and then it'll bleed for about ten seconds, scab over and look bad for a few weeks.

Work is fine, although I'm not crazy busy, and that gives me time to think about spending money.  I'm eyeballing a carpet for the front room, plus an IKEA desk, and so on and so on and so on.

I'm planning to bolt a few minutes early so I can go to the 12South Farmers Market and buy flowers for myself.  It's how I roll, peeps.

Maybe I can de-crank a little before I get home.