Meet me at your locker...

For reasons too bizarre and personal to get into, I have spent the last week feeling like I was reliving Middle School.

And not in a good, fun, play practices, innocent crushes and easy Social Studies classes kind of way.

Just...DRAMA (and not drama club)!

People are passing me notes and today, no kidding, I feel like I was living a plot of Saved by the Bell - which makes me a dumbass, but what can you do?  Does he LIKE like you?  I don't know.  I don't care.

I've decided I need to be pretty calculated about who I talk with and about what.

It's not that I don't trust people, it's that I do trust them and they're sketchy.

And they don't care about protecting my reputation.

So, that's just that.

Because I survived Crabapple Middle School, but I was young and resilient.  And I had tons of estrogen and was crazy skinny and OK, sure, weird hair, but not one strand of it was gray.

So if I'm going to survive 6th Floor/7th Grade, I'm going to need to watch my back.  I'm older, fatter, grayer, but wiser, funnier, smarter and meaner.  I will go Degrassi on your ass in a heartbeat.

And yeah, I'm talking the original Degrassi.

Fun fact:  In searching for an image, I learned that Wheels (rather the actor who played him) died in 2007.

I just wish there were a musical.  Oliver Twist saved my ass 27 years ago... what's once more?


Unknown said…
I'm curious. Of course. I'm also enjoying catching up on your blog. I love reading it. I love how you write. I love you.