I was thinking...

This morning, I had an idea for a magazine called "Pragmatic Bride".  It would feature articles for women who are getting married and also have common sense.  It could also be used to shame women who are being idiots into behaving.

Sample Article Titles:

Fon-DON'T - 7 Cakes that Look Beautiful and ACTUALLY TASTE GOOD.

Nobody Cares About Favors! A Beginners Guide To Reallocating Budget Money to Booze

It's Just A Dress - How To Say "Yes" for Less.

Ecru, Ivory and Candlelight:  Decoding Jargon and Saving Your Sanity

You Can't Go Wrong With Cocktail Weenies

Don't Be Ranunculus - A Guide To Flowers For the Unpretentious

You'll Never Use That: Dos and Don'ts of Your Bridal Registry

Wedding Night Sex - Three Easy Positions For Consummating While Exhausted

Why Your Bridesmaids Hate You: Relationship Rescue

Nobody Will Remember Your Up 'Do Next Year; A Pragmatic Guide to Hair

You Realize You Could Elope and Use The Wedding Money For a Downpayment on a House, Right?

I could go on.

I won't.