I need a change of scenery...

So, I can't seem to un crank. 

I slept way, way in today, then we went to lunch, to the bookstore and then Trader Joe's.  It was crowded and loud each place we went, with annoying kids crying and/or underfoot.

I did one load of laundry.  That is the sum and total of my productivity for my day. 

I'm headed to California later this week, but that seems like a pretty sweet place to be going, all things considered.  I need to de-fur my legs, and I'm hoping that a dress I have ordered from Macy's will arrive in time, and that it'll fit and look amazeballs.

If not, I have plenty of things to wear, but...


So there is that.

I am thinking I'll head to the farmer's market tomorrow.  Who knows?

I do know that I am kind of stoked about getting out of the office.  There's a mood there. I'm trying to be positive.

I'm trying.