Variety Pack

My bruise is healing - it's getting more orangey, like a pretty sunset or nuclear explosion.  It also itches.

Like this, but on my left hip.

I'm trying to limit my sugar intake and finding that challenging.

I found this tacky, racist little gem at the Walgreen's near the office.  So I bought it, thereby perpetuating and fiscally supporting stereotypes:

Aww, heeeellll no! 

So, yeah.

I am missing the neighborhood Farmers Market this week, which is a bummer, but not insurmountable.  I spent $171 on groceries this weekend.  That's a lot of groceries.

Actually, it was a lot of meat.  And damn if the price of milk hasn't gone through the roof.

Which reminds me of this:


Good Old Mr. Show.

My team has gotten really loud. I had to send out a nice/funny/pointed e mail this morning about keeping your piehole on mute.  I'm about to crack a few skulls.  Nicely, of course.

Speaking of my team, the other week, one of my colleagues paid me a really backhanded compliment in a meeting.  She did it again today - repeated the same scenario/compliment.  Really?  Whatev.

That's it for me.