Shower the people you love with love.

One Saturday morning, about nine years ago, I was in the full throes of a panic attack.  I mean, I have a fair amount of anxiety to begin with.  Thankfully, I eventually found some meds that made my keel a little more even. That day, I felt dizzy and had trouble getting a deep breath.

So what was my major malfunction?

Well, I was a short time away from getting married, and I had gone early that morning for a trial hair appointment.  It didn’t go well.  I was not meant for an up-do.

I then went to my mother’s house to get ready for my Bridal Shower.  And I started panicking.  Mostly because I was going to be opening presents I had ostensibly hand selected for myself and I felt weird about that.

And I felt weird about my hair.

And I just felt weird.

I managed to pull it together well enough to “fix” my hair in a reasonable style.  I put on a cute pair of seersucker pants, a white blouse and a pair of red sandals.  Then I threw on a little makeup and Mom and I headed down to the shower.

On the upside, don't my eyebrows look AMAZING?
I felt like crawling under the table for most of the event, and I felt totally awkward.

I survived, as one will.  It was lovely, actually.

But as a rule, showers stress me out.  I think it’s because it’s outside my comfort zone, acting ladylike and showerly.  Baby showers in particular tend to stress me because I don’t have kids.  So, while all of the mothers and aspiring mothers talk cloth vs. disposable, and breast vs. formula… I’m just looking for the artichoke dip and trying to look and feel inconspicuous.

I’m headed to a baby shower tomorrow.   I bought a nice gift, I’ll dress up and put on some make up and try to blend in.  Wish me luck.

PS - As for the wedding hair, I went back to the stylist for another try.  We decided I was not an up-do kind of girl.  I wore it big and curly, back from my face with a headband made of rhinestones which I purchased at Claire's for about six bucks.

Nailed it!
 I'm the one in white, looking far less panicky than on my shower day.


You were a beautiful bride! I never had a wedding shower. I had a baby shower, and I hated it. I liked the baby, though, which is probably more important.