Losing my mind, one hair at a time.

I tend to fixate on little, inconsequential things instead of the huge, big picture things that actually matter.

To wit.  I have been concerned for the past few months that I'm losing hair.  A lot of it.

Now, to be fair, I have tons of hair - but I am becoming hyper-aware of my scalp.

Truthfully it's really fine.  It's not an issue.  If I am actually losing too much hair, it'll grow back once my stress lessens and my diet improves.

And let's be honest, it's the lessening of stress and improved diet that are clutch.  How many times have I said that in the past two years?

And then DONE nothing?

Well, here's the latest.

I spent part of my week in St. Louis,  which is fine and lovely and great.  The last day I was there, my phone and e mail started blowing up over a re-org of my department that got announced out of the blue.

I had a feeling that something was coming, but what the something was remained vague and unknown.

When the announcement came down, it got nuts.

Because we didn't see the changes they actually made coming.  They couldn't have been stranger or less clear.

And in response, my emotions have been all over the place.

Ultimately, I'm sad, scared, angry, tired, disappointed, confused and angry.

Oh, the angry.

So.  How did I deal?  With carbs.  And alcohol.  And more carbs.

Time to work through it.  With treadmills, and therapy.

I can't see the forest for the trees.  Or all the hair for the scalp.

But if I don't stop digging my grave with a knife and fork, I will die.

That is certain.