Homes and Gardens and Shit

When I'm on the road, I try to catch up on the garbage TV that I don't generally spend time on at home.

Ok, I admit, I love shit like Say Yes to the Dress, What Not To Wear, and pretty much everything on HGTV.

That said, I think HGTV is completely filled with entitled assholes.

House Hunters is a big one in that scope.  At the moment, I watching a hipster couple looking for their first place in Chicago.  He is a photographer that enjoys abandoned, industrial cityscapes.  She's a vegan with wacky hair who works for a non-profit.  She doesn't want an en suite bathroom so she can get ready loudly in the morning.  He hates chandeliers.  That's some specific shit.

I'm nearly 40.  I don't think I have a strong stance on chandeliers.  I think I like them?  I think I want one?

I want this one for sure.

Whatever.  This little wormy looking shitbirds are whining about the granite countertops and having to spend their full budget.  It's Chicago.   You're in your twenties.  Don't get beat up that there's not enough space for your fucking dark room, or that you may have neighbors who walk by your balcony.

I'm just saying.

It also makes me want to demo my bathroom and put in a shower.  And then they talk money, and I remember that my tub works just fine with no additional cost.

Finally, if they show the promo for the Jennie Garth Project one more time, I'm going to fly to Beverly Hills (90210) and rip every blond hair out of her head.

Keep smiling, lady.  I'm coming for you.


Unknown said…
God dammit I love you! I. and Love. and You.
All of this made me laugh and nod and laugh and nod. Preach on sister.