You're doing fine...

I'm in Tulsa.

First things first - we went rafting over the weekend.  It was awesome and fun, and I got this incredible souvenir:

Yes, you can see London and France in addition to my killer bruise.  It doesn't hurt...much.

Anyway, now I'm in Tulsa.  My trip started with a whimper - I got an interesting car at Hertz:

The Chevy Speck Spark.  It's cozy and twee.  My favorite adjectives.  Even my cus.tomers have been making fun of it.  One asked me if I had gotten it on purpose.

It has XM Radio, though - so I'm getting my Show Tunes on.

So far, Tulsa is weird.  I saw this as I walked to dinner the other night:

 I don't think they know what "rogue" really means.  I'm OK with that, I just had to laugh.

And of course, the best thing about this trip:

I love the Kum, I'm indifferent to the Go.

It's been a long-ass week.  I'm tired, but it's been good.  I'm ready to go home.



Maybe Rogue is the name of the investigator? Billy Joe Rogue, Ghost Hunter. Or maybe they just operate outside the strictly enforced rules of the paranormal investigation industry. Sometimes that's the only way to bring those spirits in.