What's eating you?

So, we had an event at the office last night.  It was a Film Festival.  And although I didn't submit anything for it, I attended - because I love esprit de corps, and because they asked my sweet husband to emcee it.

And of course, there were pictures.

Oh, honey...no.

To say nothing of the pics from the 4th of July weekend.

Mountain at the mountains.

Which were, let's be honest... unflattering.

But it wasn't the photographer.  It was the lard-ass in the picture.  And I don't mean Matt.

In fact, it looks like I could EAT MATT.  And then go get some fro-yo to get the taste of husband out of my mouth.

So, I have to get it together.

But how?

One thing I'm considering?

A carrot/stick approach.

I can only post on Facebook every time I lose one tenth of a pound.

The thing is, I looooooove Facebook.

Do I love it more than food?

We'll see.