See what's become of me?

I haven't been on the road in a good while, at least by my standards.  I have a few trips coming up, but even in the office, there's not a lot happening.

At least not much work.

I somehow manage to put in eight hours and it doesn't crawl.  Au contraire - often it flies.

This week, I've had my two dear, sweet Maine friends in town;  Derek and Andrew.  Matt and I feted them Monday night, and they are nice enough to drop by my cube at least daily to shoot the shit. I love these guys like family, and when it hits the fan, they're solid, amazing people.  Nothing but love.

Case in point - remember how I was going to use my silver for dessert when they came over.?  The next day Andrew asked me about my silver.  It tickled me that he noticed.  It's like he reads my mind...or this blog.  Hmmm.  But whatever, I was tickled.

Even the bittersweet stuff has elements of joy. To wit:

Yesterday, one of the nicest kids we ever hired had his last day with the company - and to celebrate his departure, *he* brought in doughnuts.  When he worked over the wall from me in Support, he brought them every Friday (even though he worked in the call center and probably didn't have tons of disposable income).

Yeah, that's the kind of kid he is.  It gets better - he picked out an especially gooey chocolate iced one and put it on my desk with a note to feel free to peruse the selection over in Support.  And he also left me a personal, hand written thank you note detailing a number of nice things about me that was far, far kinder than I deserve.  It made me feel awesome.  I went and thanked him later and told him how much his kindness meant.

The note was sweeter.

But, how do you clock these things against a timesheet?

Well, I'd put it against every night I slept in an airport, or came to work exhausted after a red-eye, or made awkward conversation with a weirdo on the plane...

I can't explain it exactly, but I feel like after eighteen months of treading water in an emotional tsunami, I've reached the shoreline, and I'm catching my breath.  And where I've landed is kind of crazy and scary and beautiful.

I know it doesn't work like that - but don't harsh my mellow - I'm happy; let's go with that.