SCOTUS Scuttlebutt

So, there's this big tsimmes brewing because the Supreme Court told Hobby Lobby it doesn't have to insure certain kinds of birth control for its employees, because it's against their religious beliefs.

Now, I have only been to a Hobby Lobby once, with a friend,  There I bought a roll of ribbon, some needles and a spool of thread.

I haven't returned.  Mostly because it's a hot mess there, and also because they made a big deal about not selling Hanukkah decorations, and that goes against my beliefs.

Now, not that you care, but I have an IUD.  I've had it for six months, and I love it.  It, for reasons that don't matter, and for reasons that are none of anyone's damn business, is my method of birth control.

Although, let's face it - as I'm pushing 40, my breeding years are in the rear-view. 

I'm still occasionally having a period.  Not much of one, but enough that I still apparently feel the need to cram my bottom desk drawer with "supplies". 

Go with the flow.

 Anyway, back to IUDs, SCOTUS and HobsLobs.

My feeling is this...

Fuck Hobby Lobby.  I mean, it's a shame that they feel the need to stick their nose into everyone's "business".

And fuck the Supreme Court - except for Justices Kagan, Sotomayor, Breyer (no relation), and especially Bader-Ginsburg, who needs a holiday named after her.

I mean, today, we're saying - it's OK to exclude certain birth control because we're Christian.

What if down the road, someone says, "We won't cover chemo, or antibiotics, or stitches because that's playing God".

It could happen.

So for now, I'll continue to vote with my ballot and my wallet.

And I'll stop buying pads, apparently.



I have shopped at Hobby Lobby a lot, just because it's slightly closer than the nearest Michael's or Joann Fabric. But after the Hanukkah nonsense and now this, I'm thinking this "Christian" business doesn't want my filthy whore money, anyway. So OK, Hobby Lobby. (And as you said on FB, what the fuck is up with a national retail chain not having scanners at checkout in 2014??)